Tony - .NET Developer


I was connected with John Belich and Belich Solutions through acquaintances and could not be happier with the results. 

I  was in the middle of moving to a new town and looking for a new  mid-level ASP.NET, front-end Software Developer position. John had  multiple positions for back-end heavy or front-end dominant positions  and worked with me to find the right spot for me. 

The progress  was almost immediate.  John has thorough experience in IT placement, so  right off the bat we had an in-depth, pseudo-interview which served as  both a rough draft of my interview responses and a gauging of skills and  knowledge for John to help determine my strengths and weaknesses, along  with my job preferences that I was looking for and prioritizing them.  

Having  John on your side during the interview process is an amazing advantage.   He is in-depth and hands-on in preparing his candidates for each and  every interview, from start to finish. He used his extensive network to  learn about the company and interviewers, along with the style of  interview and what to watch out for. We held mock interviews and  'studied' up on certain areas we thought could possibly be touched on.  He was willing to fit any amount of preparation in at any time needed,  with going over things the night before, reminders and encouragement the  day of, and then follow ups immediately after each interview through  the process. 

John was a great ambassador for me as a candidate  to the company. He worked to set up all the interviews at times and  dates that worked, and was very detailed in times, locations, apparel,  and who to contact to ensure there was no confusion (all things I  encountered issues with when dealing with other recruiters). He worked  with me and the company throughout the entire process, from setting up  the initial screening call, through the final details and signing of the  contract. 

No matter how much I can tell you how great it was to  have John on my team during the interview process, the results are what  really matters, and the results are what I am most happy with. I  honestly feel like I've hit the jackpot with my current position, being  in an up and coming company, downtown, in a position I am excelling at,  while still growing and gaining knowledge. I couldn't be happier with my  technical position, pay, benefits, coworkers, and location. 

Even  now that I'm 7 months into my new role, I still keep in touch with John  and plan to for all future endeavors. I would highly recommend him to  anyone either actively searching for a new position, or just looking to  keep an ear to the ground. From my experience, he's an invaluable person  to have on your side.