Dimitar-PHP Developer

As someone who just came in the country and also being out of the job  market for more than 10 years, I needed some serious help to be able to  present myself well enough to potential employers.

John provided all that and more. He understood my special case from the beginning, and knew how to help me get where I am now.

I  knew I could trust John from the first time we spoke on the phone. We  talked for almost an hour, the longest conversation I had with a  recruiter so far.  That first talk, was when I knew I had someone that  really cares for me finding a job and I am not just another name in his  list of candidates.

Tony - .NET Developer

I was connected with John Belich and Belich Solutions through acquaintances and could not be happier with the results. 

I  was in the middle of moving to a new town and looking for a new  mid-level ASP.NET, front-end Software Developer position.  John had  multiple positions for back-end heavy or front-end dominant positions  and worked with me to find the right spot for me.